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icon_voodoo's Journal

icon voodoo
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(1) If your going to use an icon, please credit me!
(2) Please do not pretend these are your own. Do not post them somewhere without my permission. Instead of stealing, direct them here instead. Or, let me know where you want me to post.
(3) I really love to read your comments, and I would like if you take an icon to tell me. This lets me know what people are interested in and what they could do withough. I.e., what sucks lol.
(4) Please for the love of god do not hotlink. Save the images to your own server or upload them yourself to LJ.
(5) Do not alter these icons in any way. Text-less icons are not bases. If you'd like a change or a custom, just ask me!

If you are interested, post here.


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